Android tablet is a option for cheap device that is able to meet the demanding needs of tablet users.

7 Google Android Tablet is Nexus 7

7 Google Android Tablet is another name of Nexus 7, which was launched in San Francisco in June 2012. At the same time, Google also announced a new Android operating system version 4.1 or Jelly Bean. Of course, the Nexus tablet 7 also became the first to use Jelly Bean 4.1

Two weeks earlier, Apple announced its iOS mobile operating system version 6. As confront competitors in the tablet market, Google launched the Nexus 7 then and is offered at a price of 199 USD. Same with the Kindle Fire, the Amazon tablet made that first rocked the tablet market because it is sold at a price of 199USD.

Nexus 7 developed a cheap tablet trend initiated by the Kindle Fire. Today, competition in the tablet market is not only determined by technological superiority, but also by the low price. It's a blow for the iPad are sold with high prices and dominate the tablet market.

Analysts predict a Nexus 7 "iPad killer", although Google's tablet in collaboration with Asus rely on Wi-Fi networks are not equipped for 3G network, and has only one camera on the front.

7 Google Android Tablet supports Near Field Communication (NFC) and became the first device using Google's Chrome browser app pre-installed.

Google's features are included to increase the benefits of the Nexus 7 is the latest digital map Google Maps, which can be accessed without an internet connection.


Advantages Nexus 7 compared to competitors in its class is the cheap price. Nexus 7 also feels lighter and easier to grip, weighs about 340 grams because it is designed from plastic material.

In the size of 7-inch LCD screen, the Nexus 7 using IPS technology with the LED backlit display with a capacitive touchscreen. With a resolution of 1280x800 pixels with a density of 216 pixels per inch screen, the appearance of the image becomes sharp.

Based operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Nexus 7 speed and performance to be one of the hallmarks of the Android tablet for dominance of the tablet market dominated by the iPad.

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Nexus 7 tablet pc is best according to me because of its idol size and extraordinary features

7 inch google android is best respective of size as well as features.

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Android 7 tablet
Nice information this has full wifi access to the internet, general web browsing, you tube, facebook, games and more!

hi guys if you confused between GOOGLE Nexus 7 (2013) by ASUS vs Archos 97 Platinumby ASUS you can compare both tablet

Google Nexus 7 is very nice and powerful tablet. I bought this and loved it.

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